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Responsive Web Development

Responsive Webmasters offers high quality, responsive web development services.  While we're fully qualifed to work on just about any web project, we love working with technology that enables flexible web design.  Whether you employ one of our Five Star Semi-Custom designs or invest in a fully customized site tailored to your business model, you can rest assured that your website was developed by true modern professionals. 




responsive web development

Big Bold Websites that will keep your users coming back

Keep you customers coming back with faster, sharper, more future forward responsive web design. The benefits in speed, styling and cross browser support will give your site the competitive edge.

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Responsive Designs

Today's top businesses know the lions share of web traffic to their site now comes from mobile devices. In order for a website to work on any mobile device, there must be scalability, commonly referred to as Responsive Web DesignResponsive design is a flexible web design which improves a user's experience based on the device they're using.  It includes, but is not limited to, responsive css, feature detection, progressive enhancement and other processes. A website that does not offer responsive design will lose most of the traffic that the site generates before the consumer even reaches the homepage! This makes a website with responsive design the gold standard, and one without, obsolete. 

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Responsive Video

Responsive video allows you to stream live webcams and or videos from your website to your clients.  Video is sent in compressed form over the Internet and displayed by the viewer in real time. With streaming video or streaming media, a Web user does not have to wait to download a file to play it. Instead, the media is sent in a continuous stream of data and is played as it arrives.

  • Fluid web design: Like the elasticity of bubble gum, your videos will scale up or down to fit whatever screen size your using.
  • Adaptive Bitrate: Slow Internet connection? Well detect when this happens and serve the best quality for your connection.
  • Live streaming: Have a web camera? We can stream it live for you! We support the best in HD web camera technology. If you do not already have a great location for a webcam we can help you find one.
  • Video hosting: You can upload and store an unlimited amount of videos on our cloud servers.
  • You are authority for your video: As opposed to using 3rd party video services, you are the source provider for your video.  This will establish your site as the authority for your videos and your search engine rankings will reflect that.
  • No ads displayed: Unlike YouTube, there are no competitors ads before or after your video.
  • Video galleries: Easily create Video Galleries with our homegrown CMS.
  • Hosted in the Cloud: We use redundancy and regional caching for improved streamability.

Video Services

 Get the best web video resolution with 1080p, and adaptive bitrates, streamed live from our servers.


  • 1080p resolution:
    Get the best resolution possible for web video.
  • Live Streaming:
    Try our live streaming service for your video content.
  • Adaptive Bitrates:
    Adapt for the best video quality based on your bandwidth.
  • In-house or Onsite production:
    We can shoot and edit your video in-house or on location.
  • Video Editing:
    We can shoot, edit and produce videos for you.
  • Video Hosting:
    We can serve your videos from our web servers, on your website.


Custom software services

If you can think of it, we can build it, just ask! From custom software solutions, to data mining and manipulation, internal applications, business analysis, custom widgets, modules, feeds, Google Map integrations and more. We always deliver the highest quality solutions, while establishing long-term relationships with our clients.

  • Custom JavaScript:
    We use the latest Javascript libraries to deliver fast and quick solutions to our clients.
  • Custom feeds:
    Create your own syndicated feed.
  • Google Map integration:
    Tour anywhere on the Earth without leaving your web page or application.
  • Custom widgets and modules:
    Extend functionality of any existing software.
  • Data mining and manipulation:
    Analyze data from different angles, and summarizing it into useful information.
  • Business analysis:
    Understanding the needs of your business, and creating plans that will help meet those goals.
  • Cloud solutions:
    Our cloud scale and can be reconfigured rapidly to meet your projects, and business needs.
  • Internal applications:
    Aside from web apps, we can create internal "in house" applications to meet your needs.

Do you have an Online Marketing Plan?

Use real metrics to achieve real goals.



Online Presence is all about clear and effective marketing strategies

Search Engine Optimization is key to any company website. It is what drives organic traffic and prospective clients to your virtual doorstep.We major in various aspects of SEO from Keyword Optimization, Organic Back Linking and PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns.

A good SEO plan involves keywords, quality content, trustworthy links, social media, and more.

We will create a site specific SEO plan tailored to your needs from Organic to Pay-for-Performance using, quality content, trustworthy links, keywords, online marketing, inbound and outbound linking, SEO copywriting, keyword research, match types, competitive analysis, site submissions, meta information creation, MOD_Rewrites/ URls, link popularity building and more.

Content is King!

Can you Manage Yours effectively?

You don’t need technical or design experience to creat a cutting edge website.

When you use our Content Management System, you have the ability to create an unlimited amount of pages and posts on your website.  You can also upload all of your photos and videos to our CMS and insert them on any page or post with ease. Our Content Management System is extremely easy for anyone to use and has many different helpers and widgets allowing you to easily enhance your site and stylize your content. For example, some easy-to-use tools are Custom Forms, Google Maps, Full video and photo integration, HTML editor and many more. Our CMS makes it easy for you to make your site shine without having to work too hard!

Don’t have the time? We can help.

Experienced and professional online assistance.

Video Production

1080p resolution

Adaptive Bitrates


Content Creation



Content Management






Time is precious and the learning curve is long. Let us help you get up running in an instant.

If you do not feel like having to upload and stylize your content, don’t worry – we can help! At Responsive Webmasters we have a team of highly trained professionals that can fully manage your site for you. There are many different Content Management Packages for you to choose from. Do you want to create your own content and send it to us for styling? Done. Do you need for us to fully manage you content by both writing and styling it? We can do that too. No matter what you content requirements are you can rest assured that Responsive Webmasters can handle you needs with excellence.

The Responsive Webmasters Team

We're here for you 24/7 with a talented team of developers, designers, business analysts, SEO experts, content managers and more.

Our Technology

We're dedicated to creating sites based on the most current web standards, employing many of the technologies you’re familiar with from Responsive Design with HTML 5, and CSS3, to Python, Ruby, node.js and more.

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